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New Age App Making with No-Code App Development

No-code app development

What is No-Code?

The no-code structure is a software design system which enables even non-technical users to build a new app by dragging and dropping software applications. It does not involve writing any code at all.

These tools generally have an easily comprehensible interface enabling the user to visualize the execution process and easily outline the entire business logic. It is a relatively fast process of getting an app. No-code allows a larger audience of users to be a part of developing application functionality by bringing down the programming skills needed and making the design intuitive and visual. 

How do no-code apps work?

Users have access to a toolbox which aids them in creating their app. A vital feature of no-code is its visual development, in order to arrange functional components, they can easily drag and drop visual boxes from a digital library, in place of a text editor for code. 

No-code structure business operations are often seen in the flow chart formats. Putting that information to use, a visual composer builds the initial prototype version of an app. They can be adjusted, changed or optimized by the developer of the platform. Additionally, many platforms give the option of pre-build templates that the users can utilize and add the functionalities vital for their business needs. 

Various features of an application, like the data structure, can be easily constructed at once from any context. So switching to a data structure builder is not your job anymore. With the help of a visual flow, things like logic and validations can be added easily. 

With the help of interface builders, app making has become relatively less complex. Visual modeling has replaced complicated coding, letting the data be processed and managed promptly.

How fast is no-code?

Mobile application development is a time consuming and tedious process if done traditionally with the application of codes. No-code is a faster approach to making new apps. Application development is nearly ten times quicker with no-code than with old programming techniques and also a lot faster than low code. Due to the speed vantage, the development cost is reduced. With no-code, a considerable amount of time, money and space for exploration is saved; as the time for debugging applications and programming is reduced. This speeds up the progress and also makes sure that developers stay more keenly involved with prime business goals.

Features of No-code platforms

Drag and drop interface

No-code development platforms are gaining all the attention and are growing day and night due to their user-friendliness. The task is made easy with the drag-and-drop feature, it is the prime for the success and popularity of the no-code development platforms. This feature provides a chance for both developers and non-developers to develop new apps effortlessly without coding. 

 User interface builder

No-code platforms generally come with the feature of a user interface builder that permits the developer to organize pre-configured constituents to build an application with ease. The modules can be arranged logically with the help of the drag and drop feature and the builder to create functionality. Everything you require is developed in advance, you just need to drag, drop and arrange without any coding.

 Data connections

No-code application platforms usually come configured in advance and come pre-configured with database and server-side applications. It provides server-side applications and databases. A typical no-code application platform is about both, user-facing visuals and also aids to provide data management and processing capabilities. They run in the back end to present a complete structure to the business work plans. 


Many no-code apps help in integration with other independently designed apps to work in tandem. This enables you to attach your data and process it without manual working or duplicating. The apps which are built with the help of no-code platforms can be integrated with other web apps such as WhatsApp, Youtube, Twitter, google maps etc, by using API integration. This facilitates the business for good connectivity and improves their collaboration.

How can I make a mobile app without code?

Excited to create apps without having to type a single line of code?

By following these simple steps mobile application development can become an unchallenging task.

First, Select a no-code app builder like Growcify is a fast-growing no-code Saas Platform where you can get your apps and websites made without getting into the coding business. follow these instructions and get your app ready!

  1. Go to and click on “signup for free”, enter your name and sign up with your mobile number.
  2. Click on “Register new business” and add your company’s name.
  3. Fill in the details of your business such as GST no, business type etc.
  4. Next, click on “plan information” select your billing cycle and click on continue.
  5. Enter your app information like app name, app colour and description of your app and then press continue.
  6. This page opens up your own app with features like a dashboard, categories, payment links, employees etc.
  7. And voila! Your app is ready! It will get activated within 24 hours during which you can do the payment. 

Now the question comes, why Growcify when there are other such no-code app builders on market? 

  • Budget-friendly and free registration – Growcify is perfect for a budding business or a business that is new to the ecommerce sphere. Trusting someone to get your app made can likely be a tough decision for beginners to make. However, Growcify is a platform where all your needs are considered and customized and affordable plans are curated for various businesses. The good news is that you do not necessarily need to pay all at once. Growcify gives you the option to pay as your business grows.
  • Brilliant assistance- Growcify provides free demo schedule calls for a minimum of 45 minutes where they understand the needs of your business and run you through the app options and the various payment plans. You get full assistance from the experts who understand your business goals and help you strengthen your online presence and facilitate sales.
  • Get your app overnight – Growcify promises to deliver your app plus website within 24 hours from the time of payment. It claims to be the fastest app delivering platform. But it does not mean that the quality of the app or website is compromised. Till now it has helped hundreds of businesses to grow by providing them with an online presence through their apps and websites. 
  • Customization- Growcify ensures that you are not just left with what is built and given to you. It allows you to customize the app according to your needs, unlike other cookie-cutter apps which leave you with limited functions. 
  • Impeccable reputation- Many successful businesses like Pureasy, Aasife Biriyani, Desla Dairy, Hind sky and many successful businesses have got their apps and websites made through Growcify and have shared their pleasant experience with Thus, it is evident which is the best free app maker. 

Why Use No-Code Development Platforms?

There are numerous benefits of choosing a no-code platform over the traditional apps made with the help codes. In recent years, we have seen a steady increase of new businesses choosing a no-code platform to get their app made. According to a report from Statista, “In 2021, 38 per cent of respondents indicate prototyping a new idea or product with no-code tools. No-code helps both technical and non-technical users automate processes. Instead of using traditional computer programming, graphical user interfaces are used to perform tasks.”

Here are some of the top benefits of using a no-code app maker:

  • Create an iOS app and Android app simultaneously with a single build 
  • Enables creating custom apps with no technical expertise
  • You get the freedom to build and operate the app on your own without employing a development team.
  • It is economical when compared to the traditional way of app building
  • Saves a lot of time as making an app through app makers is faster. This way you can get the app on actual Android and iOS devices.
  • Maintaining the app becomes easier after getting the built app.
  • A fixed and basic amount is charged so no surprise fees are generated during the app development. 
  • Easy to customize, make changes and update.
  • It can be managed by a single person so not the entire team is required.

Programming…why take the long way? No-code app development is the future of app making. This technology is going to be readily accessible to the local masses in the days to come. All businesses small or big must have an app of their own. So getting your app built today will put you in the vantage position for taking the first leap over the businesses that will compete with you for the same group of users.


Not knowing the programming languages should not be a hindrance to someone’s way of having their entrepreneurial dream come true. Anyone can become an app developer with the no-code app platform. A plethora of no-code development apps have emerged and have totally changed the face of app building.  With feasible cost and fast results, no-code app development is already ready to make the dreams of many business owners come to life. 

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