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Why should every business have an ecommerce website and app?

ecommerce website and app

Throughout the pandemic, eCommerce website and apps have proven their dominance all over the world. We all saw a shift in the nature of business. There was a time when the success of a business depended on the location. With the Internet and multiplying eCom apps, the location factor is no more a hindrance. Any person sitting in any remote location with good internet access can run their business through these eCommerce apps and websites. Growcify, which helps businesses go online within 24 hours with their own brand’s ecommerce website and app, has helped a number of small businesses to grow and make their name on the big list, all at a very affordable price.

The international e-commerce market is expected to grow to a total of $5.55 trillion in 2022. According to Statista, “In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 4.9 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 50 per cent over the next four years, reaching about 7.4 trillion dollars by 2025. ” That figure is conjectured to rise over the next few years, proving that borderless ecommerce is establishing itself as a profitable endeavour for online retailers. 

Having said that, the need to create an eCommerce website and apps for your business has become critical in the current environment. In this article, the question of “why” to have an ecommerce app and website and its benefits are talked about.

Insight on Website:

Almost all business owners already have a functional and mobile-friendly website. A good website can help you scale your business exponentially. Now, it is for us to decide if it is possible and enough to grow on a responsive website only or if an app is necessary.

 Pros Of A Website:

  • Earn customers’ trust: Nowadays, if a business has no online presence, it does not seem genuine. Therefore, a well-designed and ingeniously developed website builds trust for your customers. If their experience on the website is unhindered and efficient, you will definitely retain a customer. It is like buying a house after taking a tour of it. If it leaves the first impression, chances are that you will come back and buy the house. The same is the case with a good website. But the question is, how do they trust your brand? It is time for the reviews, testimonials, and a good “About Us” page on your website to come into the picture. It will build trust and also spread brand awareness.
  • Attract new clients: websites have a powerful SEO advantage over apps as they can easily be found in search engine results and thus cater to more traffic. While there is no denying that app stores are improving their search functions to make new apps easier to discover, app stores aren’t as convenient and accessible as the web. Therefore, the most efficient way to capture and attain customers who generally use browsers is through websites. Websites can provide smaller eCommerce companies with a better opportunity to be visible than mobile apps.
  • Does not consume phone space: With a website, it is possible to have the online shopping experience on a mobile phone through browsers without spending too much money. This platform is almost as accessible as a mobile app. The plus point is that you do need to download it like a mobile app, so no phone space is consumed.
  • A more affordable alternative: Budding online businesses go with responsive web design because it is within their budget. Besides being more affordable, developing a mobile site is less time consuming than developing a mobile app. Also, the expense of maintaining an app is greater than a mobile site. Furthermore, because this technology is multi- and cross-platform, businesses are not required to publish them on multiple app stores or develop them for multiple operating systems. get their own website at the most affordable rate.
  • Consumer insight: Online businesses can record and analyse buyers’ buying nature, habits, and preferences with the aid of websites as they assemble a variety of data that can subsequently be used to scale their business. By understanding the needs and demands of customers, eCommerce businesses can be assured that they are meeting the demand and growth in the correct direction. Once their requirements are continually satisfied, it is a chance for you to strengthen your relationship with them and fortify a long-term relationship.

The App Supremacy

While the advantages of having a website and its relevance were stated earlier, a mobile app gives you an upper hand in the online market. Creating a mobile app has multiple benefits, from attracting a huge host of customers to going global.

Online shoppers recognise the advantages of mobile apps as a growth seen in smartphone usage and eCommerce activities. It is evident through recent data from Statista which showed, In 202, 72.9 per cent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce (mobile commerce), up from 58.9 per cent in 2017. So, now the question is, how can a mobile app help you level up your eCommerce business?

Pros  Of An App:

  • The inclination for apps:  The question of which is better, an app or a website, is a long-contended one. Nonetheless, there is no denying that apps have superseded websites in current times. In a survey, 78% of users said they would choose a mobile app over browsing through a mobile website. This preference is very obvious. eCommerce applications are relatively easy to use. In particular, there’s no need to bookmark a URL and remember login passwords to access the apps. An app provides so many features in one place and is completely hassle-free.
  • Mobile apps elevate eCommerce sales: While website visitors mostly come to your website to research and gather details or to find contact information, app users go with the mindset of purchasing. Apps are widely known by all, whereas people hardly remember a website’s name and address. 

According to a recent study, app users are more likely to return to your store within 30 days when compared to buyers who surf your website in a mobile browser. Apps provide personalised features, which make them more user-friendly. It offers many benefits, like reward points, exclusive content for the buyer, etc. Apart from that, communication is easier as it employs push notifications and 24×7 advanced customer support. All of these features are usually not present on a website.

  • Decreased response time: The time required for a mobile app to complete an action is significantly less than for a website because applications store their data partially on a mobile device. Although apps connect to servers just like websites do, there is ten times lesser data transmission between a server and a mobile application than between a server and a browser. Consequently, apps retrieve data much faster.
  • Higher conversion rates: eCommerce app conversion rates are thrice as more than those for mobile websites and 1.5 times more for desktop sites. This is because mobile apps increase the percentage of users who finish their desired action compared to mobile or desktop websites. The combined benefit of exceptional user experience, seamless navigation, and usability leads to the building of brand recognition and this results in high conversion rates. 


With mobile apps being in trend because of their best qualities, many businesses are using the combined mobile-friendly website and a mobile app simultaneously. This combination can absolutely boost and expand your network to new customers and also deliver an exclusive experience, deals, and information to your most loyal customers.

If you’re thinking of creating an app to accelerate the growth of your eCommerce business, you have come to the right place. is a place where you can get your own personalised websites and apps at a very reasonable rate. Growcify will provide an additional sales channel for your business. One should not have to choose between an app or a website; they should both work in tandem. In case you do not have either of those, reach out to our website ( to make your small dream a big reality.

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