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Different Types of Logos

types of logos

An icon or picture that symbolizes the essence of your business/brand is called a logo. A company is eventually recognized by its logo and hence every business should think thoroughly about it before finalizing. Here we bring you information about different types of logos so that it becomes slightly easy for you to decide. Logos are all a mixture of images, designs and typography. In this article, we will discuss the 7 types of logos there is.

7 different types of logos

The best logos encapsulate the soul of your business and make your brand easily identifiable. But it doesn’t imply that one needs to spend a bomb on designers to make abstract marks, create a special font or draw an absolutely new picture for your business. With these 7 types of logos given, I’m sure at least 1 type of logo will meet the ability to visually represent your business.

1. Abstract logo

When a brand or a product is represented with the help of a symbol or icon it is called an Abstract logo. Some renowned brands, like Nike, Twitter and Airbnb use an abstract logo for their marketing campaigns with a successful response. Often, abstract logos are intertwined with the brand’s values, worth, vision and the entire business domain. It is usually a brand symbol that embodies a greater idea, thereby it becomes appealing to the customers.

But before deciding to create this type of logo for your brand a few things must be kept in mind. First,  fortify the identity of your brand identity and be crystal clear with the message your brand wants to convey. Second, it would be a wise choice to go for an abstract logo if you plan to take your business global as it will reduce the confusion with the brand name pronunciation. Lastly, do not make it too complicated, it should be easily decodable, if you think it is getting complex then the customers will also make no sense of it.

2. Wordmark logo

Wordmark logo is another type of logo making that will only have the name of your business. No symbols, hidden meanings, figures or mascots are included. Just a particular font style and a specific colour are used to represent the company name, service or product. You must have come across some very famous wordmark logos like Kellogs, eBay, cocoa and IKEA. The brand or product associations of these logos are very common and often synonymous. It is contrary to the logo making concept of the abstract or graphic logos, which hugely depends on image and symbolism.

 If you have a brand with a lengthy name then this type of logo is not the right choice for you as a huge brand name is difficult to remember. There are plenty of logo makers in the market, you can create your logo through them or get a professional to do that for you.

3. Monogram logo

Monogram logo is classic and evergreen. A monogram logo is a beautifully crafted design that comprises the combination of one to three letters to make a composite symbol. Usually, monogram logos are used to denote the initials of a company or a person. Such logotype is also commonly known as lettermark logos. 

Many brands like Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton, NASA, other organizations, government agencies, institutes and sports teams also go for a monogram logo. Such logo designs look very classy and also serve the purpose well. You can create this kind of logo if you have a big business name which needs an abbreviation. The font used in this type of logo matters enormously as it leaves a bigger impact on the customers. 

4. Mascot logo

A mascot is an illustrated character that represents a business. That mascot plays the role of a brand ambassador or emblem of the business. What will be your mascot is entirely on you and the idea or message that you want to impart to your customers through it. The mascot gives your business a personality of its own, making it more human-like thus making it more relatable to the audience. If you have a food brand or kids’ clothing brand then a mascot logo can be the best option for your business. It is very attractive to kids as well as to adults, brands like Cheetos, Tiger biscuit, KFC, Mcdonald’s etc. use a mascot to attract customers.

5. Combination logo

A combination of two or more things always yields a better outcome. Usually people prefer this logotype because it contains both the name and the symbol of your business. In contrast to the image and text-based designs, combination logos are a blend of a variety of logo designs, commonly comprising of both, text and image.

Many famous brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Taco Bell, Jaguar and Toblerone have opted for a combination logotype. You can most definitely go for this type of logo if you are thinking of rebranding. It works splendidly well when reinventing your brand as words can be added later to the picture and vice versa. A combination logo makes it easier for the public to recognize your business easily as it includes both the name and the idea associated with that brand name.

 6. Emblem logo

An Emblem logo is universal and classic. These logos have got a vintage touch to them as it usually has brand name or initials inside a symbol. It is found in all industries around the globe, from catering business, sports teams, stage flags, major car brands, universities and also to the most famous staple coffee, Starbucks.  If you want a classic and traditional touch to your logo then you should consider an emblem logo. However, one has to be aware of the minute details as this type of logo needs to look timeless. 

7. Dynamic logo

Source: Google

If your business is solely on the online platform then this type of experimentative logo is for you.  The dynamic logotype works exceptionally well in a digital space. A dynamic logo has the ability to take different forms according to the occasion, events, the logo’s background, and the action of the users. This feature one doesn’t find in combination, mascots or other types of logos. The biggest example of a dynamic logo is Google which modifies its logo according to the different occasions or a cause. Many users at are seen adopting this new logo style and it is growing in popularity day by day.  Such logos can be modified effortlessly and it also intrigues the audience to know more about the business. It showcases the values and delivers the message that the brand is trying convey.

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