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How Effective Is Social Media for the Growth of E-commerce Businesses?

Social Media for the Growth of E-commerce Businesses

Introduction of Social Media for the Growth of E-commerce Businesses

Social media and E-commerce are perfect pairs for creating a solid presence of an online business. According to, there are around 4.6 billion active social media users globally. Today a wide range of the population participates actively in the world of social media. Social media has a strong influence that can highly affect the future of e-commerce. This is the reason why a large chunk of online businesses uses social media marketing to build their brand. E-commerce businesses get an opportunity to identify their customer base and reach among them accordingly.

Process of E-commerce

  1. Acceptance of orders: E-commerce businesses need a website that buyers can use to purchase things online. Many market tools offer everything an online business requires to succeed. It helps the sellers to build their dream stores.
  1. Processing of data: Once the seller accepts the order, the next step is processing data in a structured way so that the shopping experience can be smooth for the buyer. Data of customers is maintained appropriately for further references.

Two essential things in this step are:

  • Purchasing Log 
  • Confirmation email and message 
  1. Supply of products: The products can be either physical or digital. Shipping of digital products takes place online. But physical products required shipping. Hence, the logistic provider must have information on the product’s delivery time.
  1. Payment processing: There should be multiple payment options available for the buyer. When dealing with physical products, sellers should also provide cash on delivery facilities. Bill or invoice is essential to complete the order process. 
  1. Feedback: Some sellers think that delivering the product is the only work. But this shouldn’t be the case. Customer retention is more important and relevant for a business than acquiring new customers. Reviews of the customers will build brand credibility, and at the same time, the brand will get an opportunity to work on its weak points. 
  1. Customer assistance: There should be a proper mechanism for customer support. A customer should have a platform to connect with the brand for its queries, complaints, and redressal. Nowadays, businesses take help from chatbots or chat support executives for initial queries of the customers. 

Effectiveness of social media marketing for ecommerce business

  1. Brand awareness: Already there are multiple products available in the market. Social media is an excellent way to make a newly launched brand and product visible. Building a brand online will surely take time and require commitments like any other work. 
  1. Lead conversion: Social media platforms give special features to online brands to attract their target audience. A brand can make its contact details available on social media so potential buyers can connect with the business efficiently. Product catalogs, reviews, and offers can be displayed on social media for sales. 
  1. Cost-effective tool: A brand can promote itself either wholly free or by paying a minimal amount. Combining the right strategy with consistency can bring great results for the brand. A huge crowd can be witnessed on social platforms, resulting in an excellent customer base.
  1. Increase in traffic: Some businesses operate in both physical and online modes. The nearby population can be targeted for physical stores to increase customer base as they will have dual shopping options. 
  1. Advertisement: The market size of online selling and buying through social media will increase by 84 billion U.S. dollars in 2030. Social media platforms provide the option for an advertisement to a particular niche so that a business can attract the right set of audiences. 

Tips for using social media marketing for the ecommerce business 

  1. Flaunt your brand: To make your brand promotion appealing, keep things structured. 

Things to consider for social media marketing :

  • Brand Image 
  • Description representing the service or products of the brand
  • Customer Reviews
  • Proper Communication Channel
  • Link to the Website 
  1. Collaboration with social media influencers: Social media influencers play a significant role in brand awareness. Influencer marketing has highly supported the successful establishment of a brand called Mamaearth. Frequent collaboration with the brand and social media influencers is advisable to reach real audiences.
  1. Analytics: Social media platforms provide analytics of the content and the brand page. Analytics includes various information like audience reach and engagement. Social media analytics is a way to improve performance and achieve the desired results. 
  1. Video content: According to the studies, online audiences’ focus is reducing daily. Due to this, some platforms have introduced short content. Short video content generates excellent reach and engagement. Video content relevant to the niche should be used.
  1. Consistency: Artificial Intelligence acts behind these platforms. To grab a position in the eyes of AI, one needs to be consistent in the virtual world. We stick to the post timings and days once you find the perfect posting schedule.
  1. Account management: The social media handle of the business needs to be updated regularly. The irrelevant content should be regularly replaced by relevant and fresh content to keep the audience interested.
  1. Offers and giveaways: Customers tend to be fascinated by giveaways and offers. Seasonal offers and giveaways can help build a brand in the highly competitive world.

Best social media platforms for ecommerce business

On average, 147 minutes are regularly spent on social media worldwide. 

  1. Instagram 
  • Number of users: 300 Million 
  • Age of the most significant audience: 25-34 years
  •  Industry – Food, fashion, and lifestyle

Ways to Use 

  • Share short niche-related visual content 
  • Use hashtags 
  • Comment and like on other posts
  • Host giveaways 
  • Share customer reviews
  1. YouTube 
  • Number of users: 1 Billion
  • Age of the most significant audience – 18-24 years 
  • Ideal Industry – Services, digital products, and merchandise

Ways to Use 

  • Run video ads
  • Post video content
  • Demonstrate product production and quality
  1. Facebook
  • Number of users – 1.44 Billion 
  • Age  of the most significant audience – 18-34 years
  • Ideal Industry – Sports, pet supplies, jewelry, apparel, food, health, beauty, entertainment

Ways to use 

  • Brand story and promotion
  • New deals and information
  • Advertisement
  1. Pinterest
  • Number of users – 47 Million
  • Age of the most significant audience – 25- 34 years
  • Ideal Industry – Antiques, services, books, magazines, and IT

Ways to use 

  • Pin product-focused images
  • Share complementary pins
  • Write SEO-optimized descriptions
  1. Twitter
  • Number of users: 300 Million 
  • Age of the most significant audience – 18-29 years
  • Ideal Industry – Furnishings, garden, gifts, customized products, retail

Ways to use 

  • Hashtag campaign
  • Influencer marketing
  • Demonstrate uses of products


With the help of the right strategies, a good customer base can be created out of social media marketing. Many successful brands use platforms like  Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for brand awareness and promotion. Social media is an ideal marketing channel for business owners for massive reach.

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