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How To Start A Readymade Garments Business In India?

readymade garments business

The readymade clothing industry is expanding at a remarkable rate despite the competition. This is a result of the rising demand for stylish yet inexpensive clothes. Starting an apparel business in India has a lot of advantages. Operating a ready-made garment business can be reasonably priced because there is less need for expensive supplies.

Steps to start a readymade garments business online 

  1. Determine a clothing segment: Garments can be of numerous varieties such as men’s, women’s, and kid’s wear. A business may focus on a specific division or can go with a combination of all. To choose a clothing segment to sell you must be aware of the buyers behavior. They consider the following factors before buying clothes. 

  • Latest Trend 
  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Satisfaction

  1. Prepare a strong business plan: A business plan refers to thinking beforehand about the business activities. A business plan involves the planning of the capital investment, selection of the right wholesaler or manufacturer, stock requirement, preference of the customers, warehouse, and logistics. There is high competition in the market which a newbie can beat only when he equips himself with a strong business plan.

  1. Choose a suitable platform to sell:  A SaaS e-commerce platform is an online store that is accessible via any web browser and is offered as a cloud-based system. The demands, interests, and buying habits of consumers evolve rapidly. SaaS ecommerce enables companies to quickly respond to changing consumer needs through personalised search and product suggestions.

Growcify is an eCommerce SaaS platform that creates a fully responsive single or multi-vendor eCommerce website & mobile apps and its quick checkout feature allows customers to make hassle-free purchases within a few clicks.

  1. Design a web store: A web store acts as a medium between the buyer and the seller. A unique and crisp domain name, website hosting, tech support, and mobile optimization are the elements of a web store. These elements help businesses to establish their unique identity. To design a web store professionals like programmers and designers should be hired on a contractual basis.

  1. Tie up with a logistics company: Physical products require delivery to the doorstep of the buyer. A seller can agree with various E-commerce logistics service providers such as Delhivery, Ekart Logistics, Ecom Express, and DHL logistics. Logistics companies are the third-party who manage the supply chain and transportation between the E-commerce seller and the buyer. While in dropshipping the process of delivering the product to the buyer is the responsibility of the manufacturer or the wholesaler.

  1. Integration with payment gateways: Payment gateway provides the buyer a secure and digital channel through which the payment for the merchandise can be easily made. PayPal, Paytm, Razorpay, CCAvenue, and PayUbiz are among popular Indian payment gateways. A customer must have payment options like cash on delivery, credit card/debit card payment, and UPI payment. This will give the buyer multiple payment options in case an option doesn’t for him.

  1. Advertise your business: Countless businesses exist in India in the 21st Century. A product must be visible to get the attention of the customers. The advertisement makes a product noticeable. Billboard, web banners, print media, and direct mail have proved to be excellent ways of advertisement. To be effective an ad must target the right audience. For example, to sell a wedding gown the brides or the actresses should only be considered as they are the right audience for the clothing.

Steps to start a readymade garments business offline 

  1. Choose a garment category: This step will be similar to the online mode of starting a garment business. Along with the selection of clothing, the seller must have an ample amount of stock available all the time. Perform market research well to learn about garment manufacturing. 

  1. Determine a suitable location: For brick-and-mortar businesses location matters. It is among the factors that influence the success of a business. The location should be filled with people so that it can grab the attention of the maximum buyers. The store’s location can make or break the image of a brand.

  1. Get required authorization: To start a business there is a need for certain authorizations. Make sure to follow guidelines and business ethics. It is the responsibility of the retailers to make sure that the manufacturer in contact has the relevant qualifications and other certifications. 

  1. Organize transportation: In a physical store, there is a requirement of massive merchandise that needs to be maintained and stored well to prevent unexpected losses. Transportation facilities are required for the same purpose. Goods from the manufacturer should reach the retailer smoothly without damage to the merchandise. 

  1. Hire employees: Employees are required in a large amount as compared with the physical stores to manage the operations efficiently. Employees are the assets of a business. The vacancies should be filled with suitable candidates who possess the right talent and skills.

  1. Market your business: Research the various marketing options and opt to go with the most suitable one. Loyal customers act as a base for word-of-mouth marketing. It is highly effective as a customer recommends a brand or business because of the utmost trust that he developed with consistent use of the products.

Online vs offline – Which one is better? 

Offline and online businesses have their own merits and demerits. One among them can’t be declared a clear winner. The digital world has captured a significant amount of space among the Indian population. People are shifting towards the virtual world due to the increase in comfort. The increasing number of active users and the convenience to reach them make the digital world a better marketplace. 

According to, clothing is more frequently bought online than offline. Online stores provide a store-like experience. Customer reviews and easy exchange offers to help the buyers to trust the online shopping experience. There are some people as well who don’t give preference to online shopping. They derive satisfaction only when they touch the fabric. 


Readymade garment businesses have great scope in the Indian market either offline or online. In a few easy steps, it can be established and higher revenues can be generated out of it. More funds are required in the case of the offline business in comparison with the online business. Growcify is one of the best and most affordable SaaS-based platforms that helps online sellers to build their eCommerce app within 24 hours. It has helped many businesses to generate excellent revenue across India.

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