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Top 10 Payment Gateways in India

payment gateways in India

A payment gateway is software that supports the online transfer of money through various payment modes such as UPI, debit card, net banking, and credit card. It is a third-party service that safely transfers money from the buyer’s account to the merchant’s account. Here is a brief list of the top 10 payment gateways in India.

How does a typical payment gateway work? 

When the buyer places the order through the website or app he clicks on the submit button. This redirects the buyer to a payment gateway. The customer fills in the relevant details such as bank or account credentials. After this step, the user lands on a secure page for authorization of the transaction. After approval of the transaction, the bank verifies the account holder. In the end, the money reaches the seller.

Essential features of a payment gateway

Check these basic features before considering a payment gateway to ensure a secure and smooth path for the buyers. 

Ability to handle sensitive data 

The payment gateway holds the most sensitive data of the customers. Failure to handle the crucial information may invite misuse of the information. The foremost things to consider are the encryption standards of the payment gateway. Low information breach risk helps in decreasing processing costs as well.

Detection of fraud 

Not all transactions on eCommerce platforms are genuine. The payment gateway should be proactive in determining the fraud. Fraudulent activities can affect the goodwill of the business. Payment gateways must use the below-mentioned ways to reduce fraudulent activities;

  • Device identification
  • Payer authentication
  • Lockout mechanism 
  • Card verification value
  • Address verification service

Costs and fees

For a newly established business, it is not possible to incur huge costs on the payment gateway. 

Some platforms charge zero money but may have high fees for chargebacks. The business should opt for a payment gateway with maximum features and zero hidden costs. 


The requirements of a merchant can be unique. Some merchants may request the linking of the payment gateway with the invoicing software or other financial data management platform. A payment gateway should be compatible with several technological systems to cater to the needs of the merchants. 

Quick and global reach 

The businesses that aim for global customers must integrate with a payment gateway that accepts international payments. Along with it, the transaction process should be easy and quick. As long transaction time can decrease the conversion rate. 

Top Payment Gateways in India


Razorpay allows most of the payment modes like mobile wallet, UPI, credit card, and debit card. The dashboard of Razorpay examines the real-time data to facilitate businesses with better decisions. It takes three days for payment settlement. Manage and track the flow of money to customers, and employees through the financial CRM.


Instamojo ensures fast payments with a 99.9% success rate. The payment gateway of Instamojo is PCI-DSS certified for the protection of the customer and the merchant. It offers a free setup with zero maintenance cost. In case of the failure of transactions, an instant refund of funds takes place.


CCAvenue is one of the oldest and most trusted payment gateways of India. Around 200 payment options are accepted on it. It offers two interfaces to the sellers – the shopping cart interface and the variable amount interface. The payment gateway is equipped with advanced technology that can process a massive amount of transactions daily.


The payment gateway uses advanced technology to facilitate secure transactions. With the help of AI, it detects suspicious activities. It ensures the settlement of transactions within 24 hours from the day of the transaction and reduces transaction time. Paytm provides a one-click checkout experience to the customers. The payment gateway is certified by PCI-DSS with 128-bit encryption.


Juspay is a reliable payment gateway with express checkout and hosted payment method. Juspay reduces the transaction time by fastening the loading time of a page. It reduces operational costs with 99.99% uptime. Juspay built the first Indian UPI platform called BHIM and UPI common library in partnership with NPCI. It claims to process more than four million transactions per month for renowned brands.


BillDesk offers a wide range of solutions to the merchants such as financial services. It charges a certain amount of transaction fees on every transaction. Only Indian customers are allowed to access BillDesk. It takes around 3-5 days for payment settlement. Limited payment options are provided under this payment gateway.


Cashfree is an integrated payment gateway with zero initial setup and annual maintenance charges. Payment settlement with Cashfree is made within 24 hours. It supports domestic cards, internet banking, credit card, and international payments. Get the live transaction report including settled and unsettled transactions with Cashfree. An instant refund option for the customers is also available.


Paykun provides an easy and customer-friendly user interface. It gives a master payment link and payment link option to the customers. Paykun facilitates partial refund of payment too. Payment via debit card, credit card, master card, net banking, digital wallet, and UPI are supported. However, it doesn’t provide multi-currency support.


Mobikwik payment gateway requires two days for the settlement of the payment. The withdrawal fees is zero and the annual maintenance charge is negotiable. It supports all Indian and International MasterCard. The multi-currency facility is not provided. Mobikwik is integrated with Android, iOS, and Windows.


PayPal payment gateway is available in 200+ countries. It facilitates transactions in more than 100 currencies and international credit cards. It is free from withdrawal fees and annual maintenance charges. Payment settlement takes place daily. PayPal has excellent customer assistance support that is easy to reach.

Final Words 

A payment gateway can be the worst or best as per the requirements of a merchant. Paytm, Mobikwik, PayPal, Juspay, Paykun, Cashfree, BillDesk, CC Avenue, Instamojo, and Razorpay are among the popular payment gateways in India. Choose one as per your requirements and the benefits offered.

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