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5 Emerging Trends in the eCommerce Business can Upscale Your Brand.

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When people were hesitant to step out of their house under the influence of Covid 19, the eCommerce business proved to be their savior for almost every necessary item they required. In 2021, the e-commerce industry generated an estimated revenue of US$ 38 billion in India through online marketing and was expected to reach around US$ 128 billion by the end of 2026. 

With a worldwide online market of over 100 million users, the eCommerce business is said to be the fastest growing industry alongside the healthcare industry after 2020. 

This electronic market offers everyone a prospect of selling their goods and services by catering to the best e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, etc. and emerging startups such as Growcify

If you are a customer or a brand looking out for the emerging trends in the eCommerce business, you have visited the right page. Let us help you identify the latest online trends for starting a business and some marketing tips for growing. 

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List of the Top Trends in the eCommerce Business in 2022

1. Voice Enabled Search 

What’s easier and quicker than typing each keyword letter by letter? Yes! It’s Voice Enabled Search. It has proven to assist several online customers with rapid and efficient responses. The Voice Command from Google has played a big influence on the internet, making it easier for the audience to search for anything on the internet. 

From their favorite Chinese restaurant around 20 blocks away to the nearest pubs or petrol pumps, you are now just a command away from searching it in the eCommerce business

It ought to solve the problem of physically impaired customers who have a strenuous time typing each letter from their keyboards. 

2. A hint of an Offline Market. 

According to a survey done by ScoopWhoop in 2021, more than 80% of consumers over 40 still prefer their regular offline markets over the eCommerce business. This is because not everyone in our country is well familiar with online marketing and some still feel that Electronic markets are missing the categorization of products and interactions with the seller. 

To make the consumers feel a connection with a seller, many eCommerce business state the required description of the brand selling their products and provide quick and easy returns in case the consumer receives undesired or impaired products. 

3. Product Recommendations and Reviews. 

What is the first thought in your mind after looking at a product you are willing to buy online? For most, that is to read the recommendations and experiences of other people who have bought the same product from that particular website. The customers feel a sense of contentment and confidence in buying the product by looking at the product reviews online. 

Here’s how you should improve your product’s recommendations and highlight the same. 

  1. Encourage your buyers who have already purchased the products from you to post their honest reviews on the product online. 
  2. Try your best to minimize the delivery period and the consumers receive those products in mint condition. 
  3. Highlight the Star rating of your products and keep asking the consumers to read the same reviews before purchasing them. 

4. Cash on Delivery. 

Unlike many foreign countries, we Indians still prefer paper money over plastic money. Also, not everyone in the country has online payment methods and feels the need to pay for their products only when that particular product comes to their doorstep. 

When it comes to online payments, consumers love the convenience of recognized brands such as Paytm UPI, Apple Pay, etc. 

5. Packaging and Delivery. 

While buying the products, customers make sure to look at the estimated delivery time and then decide whether they should order the product or not.

Nowadays, much importance is given to bona fide packaging as it handles the product’s condition at delivery time. Your brand shall either provide or tie up with quality logistic companies who provide on-time and smooth deliveries. 

Also, What’s more satisfying than a personalized gift package from your loved one? Many Ecommerce businesses have started sending gift packages with personalized cards directly to the person’s address. 

The eCommerce business industry faces large competition among sellers and not every brand in this market is successful. One such startup known as Growcify has succeeded within a short time as following these emerging trends in this market shall help the seller to share the healthy competition with other brands in their respective areas. 

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