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Diwali season

India is known to be the land of festivals. More festivals are celebrated here than in any country in the world. The festive season within the month turns out to be incredibly profitable for business owners and entrepreneurs as customers demand various products, such as electronics, automobiles, jewellery, clothing, etc., during the auspicious occasion of Diwali. No matter how big or small, every business in the country is expected to prosper during the Diwali season.

Diwali Season for businesses 

Most businesses were severely affected during the last two years of Covid 19 in India. The primary reason for this was that citizens of the country were avoiding physical interactions with anyone and were reluctant to visit any marketplace or shopping mall to purchase products for themselves and their loved ones. But now that the situation has improved, this Diwali season seems to be the most promising time for businesses to revive themselves and generate considerable profits.

The festive season started about a week ago at the start of Navratri and companies have noticed an increase in their sales and profit margins by up to 20%. This percentage is expected to double by the end of the Diwali festival. Hence, it is safe to say that this is the best time for you as an entrepreneur to take your business online. With the rising demand for products all over the country, your business could receive a head start and be significantly profitable within no time. Not to mention a vast brand identity and solid customer base you will build within a short period.

Establish an online business with Growcify, this Diwali season

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner looking for a platform to establish your business online this Diwali, you’re on the right page. Even if you are unaware of the basics of coding, you need not worry, as commencing an online business with Growcify wouldn’t require you to perform even a single line of code. 

The platforms rendered by Growcify to its customers are an online website, an e-commerce Android and IOS mobile application and POS software for offline stores. Since Diwali season is around the corner, you need not wait for long periods to establish an eCommerce business. Growcify launches your online platform within just 24 hours and you can start making transactions within a week. Lets learn more about the online platforms offered by Growcify to its customers, this Diwali festival. 

1. E-commerce Website

Nowadays, establishing an eCommerce website is the bare minimum an entrepreneur can do for his business. Irrespective of the industry, an eCommerce website significantly impacts a business’s sales and revenue. This Diwali, upscale your business exponentially by establishing an online website for your brand. Here are some of the advantages of creating an online website with Growcify.

●      Swift and Dynamic 

Keeping in mind that your eCommerce website says everything about your business and its strategy, Growcify establishes a dynamic and super fast web browsing experience. 

Adaptive to all screen sizes and models, your website would impress your customers with its expeditious response time and heightening internet traffic, which most e-commerce websites would face during the time of Diwali.  

●      Subscriptions      

If you’re dealing with a business or a customer who requires a regular supply of your products due to the increased demand this Diwali season, your eCommerce website with Growcify has you covered. Your customers can just subscribe to any particular product and the system will automatically create orders for them and deliver them to their preferred location with the delivery schedule. 

●      Wishlist

Most customers who purchase multiple products at a time for themselves and their loved ones during the Diwali season prefer adding their products to a wishlist or cart. With Growcify, your eCommerce website would allow them to create personalized wishlists filled with the products they choose to gift their nears and dears on Diwali. 

●      Faster checkouts

Growcify doesn’t believe in dealing with head-scratching procedures, which could affect the joyful mood of the customer on Diwali while checking out a cart or a wishlist. Customers at your eCommerce website would be able to make quick purchases and even faster checkouts with just a few clicks. In addition, your customers can send the products directly to the address of their loved ones with the option of multiple addresses. 

2. Android and IOS mobile applications

Carrying out your business on a large scale? Save your customers time and money this Diwali season by taking it online to sustain a massive customer base with a mobile application curated by Growcify. This application is available for Android and IOS software and is launched within a week. 

Following are the benefits of establishing your online business with a mobile application.

●      Multiple modes

Growcify caters to you with an a4-model application for your online business, namely Customer mode, Owner mode, Delivery mode, and Vendor mode, as keeping up with multiple applications for different purposes is a lot of hassle for the customers, who would already be occupied with several things to do this prosperous Diwali season. 

●      Synchronization of sales and inventory

Growcify has ensured that all the components involved in your online business are in sync, saving you a lot of time to keep up with the increased number of orders on Diwali. In addition, you can perform various tasks like managing orders, sending notifications, preparing reports, collecting receipts, etc.

●      Free of any language barrier

Your online business would not be interrupted by any language barriers as the mobile application by Growcify lets the customer perform transactions in about 10 languages pan India. The i18n functionality used in your application would provide free access for your customers to use the application in the language they prefer.

●      Push Notifications

Sending notifications through the mobile app, wishing them happiness and offering them discounts on the occasion of Diwali attracts the customer to open the application repeatedly and eventually increases your online business sales.

3. POS Software 

The POS (Point of Sale) software is the optimal solution for your offline store to grow this Diwali season exponentially. Without losing control over your business, you can secure every bill or receipt from every transaction made during a day and save all the invoices throughout the year for tax purposes, even if you are not available on the counter at the time of selling. 

Not sounding promising enough? Read the advantages the POS software provides to your business.

●      Dynamic Pricing and Discounts
Who doesn’t love discounts and offers on the items you wish to buy from a general store? The POS machine generates special discounts and cashback offers for your customers with limited or no conditions. Also, the POS machine sets dynamic pricing, encouraging customers to buy more items for the upcoming Diwali season. 

●      Fast and convenient billings

Your customers shall be in a hurry at the time of Diwali and wouldn’t like to wait in long queues at the billing counter. With the machine’s quick processing time and correct billing amounts, including the taxes and service charge, the customer is billed for their transaction within 10 seconds.

●      Taxes

Stressing on calculating taxes and maintaining records? Let Growcify handle that for you as our POS system comes with automatic tax calculations on your every order, ensuring you perform the estimates by the tax setting you have saved in the software. 

●      Multiple track records

The POS software from Growcify enables you to track every single receipt from all the transactions made during the day, even in the case of multiple billing counters or a change in the shift of staff members, which is expected during the time of long Diwali hours. 

Final Words

Almost every business industry in the country is geared up for the upcoming Diwali season. It would be the most appropriate time for an entrepreneur to take his/her business online and skyrocket their sales margins. If you’ve read this article, you must have gotten an idea of the platforms and services offered by Growcify to their customers for establishing an online business domain. Taking your business online with Growcify will save you a substantial amount of manhours as you need not worry about setting up a platform for your brand.

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