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How to Offer Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Every person prefers online e-commerce stores for buying products. And When the e-commerce store in the customer’s device pop-up a notification like this,” Get Free Shipping On All Your Orders”, the customer is more inclined to purchase an item from that e-commerce store. The businessman can use various e-commerce marketing strategies to advertise his business. Still, Free Shipping is one of the most successful marketing strategies a business owner can adopt to get more customers.

If you are a businessman, you must know how to make a free shipping strategy attractive for the customer and profitable for yourself. Free shipping is essential for elevating your business’s recognition to the highest peak.

In this article, we will discuss how to offer free shipping while preserving the revenue of businessmen. So what are you waiting for? 

Set minimum purchasing amount to activate free shipping:

For every customer, you can specify a minimum purchase requirement; if the consumer spends more than that amount on the items they require, then the customer will enjoy free shipping. The average order value will rise, which might ultimately raise sales within particular product categories.

Free Shipping on the First Order:

You can offer free shipping for every buyer who reaches your e-commerce store for the first time. This will enable you to receive more customers in the future. And if they like your products, they will buy more items from your e-commerce store.

Free Shipping When You Purchase Number of Items:

This type of free shipping will increase the regular number of products in each order. Customers should be reminded to add one more item to qualify for free delivery when they add just one product to their cart. It’s an excellent solution for incrementing the order value.

Free Delivery on All Orders:

Providing free shipping on all orders is the simplest strategy you can offer to your buyer. It will help attract customers to purchase any item from your e-commerce store. But it would help if you first determine its effect on your bottom line. Free delivery on products with huge profit margins, manageable sizes, or light costs makes sense. You can also increase the price of products and then offer free shipping on all the items.

Free Shipping on All Orders For a Limited Amount of Time

If you want to make more sales in some particular period, you can offer free shipping to your customers for a limited period. It encourages customers to buy the things they’ve been contemplating getting. You can conduct a free shipping offer every month, on the weekend, or during the workweek. You can advertise your free-shipping request through various social media platforms. By providing this free-shipping offer, you can increase the sale of your products during high-competitive seasons.


Free delivery is an excellent strategy to remove a typical barrier to online shopping. However, it might be costly to your organization if you have yet to carefully research and determine the best approach to offer it. It would help if you struck a balance between growing conversions and maintaining competitive prices without losing money.

Growcify is always here to provide you with the facility of making your e-commerce website live. So make your e-commerce website live with us and use all of the free shipping tactics in your e-commerce shop to generate more and more profit.

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